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An online informational and educational resourceful center for all Nigerian Bioscientists
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We welcome all Nigerian bioscientist on board to Nigerianbioscientist.com: Microbiologists, Biochemists, Botanist, Parasitologists, Pharmacists, Lab Scientists, Medical and Health practitioners, Chemists, Environmental scientists, agriculturalist and others in different bioscientific fields, will surely find this site resourceful and essential to the study and practice of their chosen profession.

We aim at providing an online platform that will unite all Nigerian Bioscientist from various disciplines and various parts of the world. The online interactive forum presents an avenue for Nigerian Bioscientist to access, share and discuss relevant information with other bioscientists that have similar interests. also accessible from our discussion forum are recent bioscience news from around the world, information on recent bioscience job openings in Nigeria amongst other resources. You can read more about us here

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You are welcomed to the home of Nigerian Bioscientists

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  • BIOTOOLS :- Categorized listings, reviews and links to various online bio-tools and resources available to enlightened bioscientists.
  • FORUM :- An online networking , interactive and discussion board and that links up all Nigerian bioscientist, home and abroad, from the various field of biosciences. Ideas can be exchanged, new friends of similar interest met, solution to bioscientific problems solved and lots more. Its nice to be part of it !
  • NEWS & EVENTS :- Recent bioscience news from Nigeria and around the world. Health news, recent discoveries and findings, Biotechnological innovations, awards, Novel research publications, Government polices etc
  • COMPUTATIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY :- Links to online biotools; tutorials and guides to understanding and appreciating molecular and computational biology
  • RESEARCH INSTITUTES IN NIGERIA :- Information on the various research institutes located in Nigeria
  • NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENT BOARD :- Announcements on issues bordering on biosciences in Nigeria; workshops and seminars, conferences, book launches, available research projects , Press releases etc.
  • JOB OPENINGS :- Information on recently available bioscientific related job openings in Nigeria
  • NIGERIAN JOURNALS :- Information on the different bioscientific related journals published in Nigeria.
  • PUBLISHING :- Online Publication and hosting of the e-version of printed Nigerian Bioscientific related Journals, Online publication of student's scholarly works, theses and dissertations, Lecture notes etc
  • SERVICES :- Other services offered by UFUMES to the Nigerian bioscientific community; Literature acquisitions, statistical analysis, etc

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