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Getting scientific literatures and publications with pubmed


Pubmed is a database developed by the national center for biotechnology information(NCBI), at the National Library of Medicine(NLM). It is the NCBI entrez retrieval system. It currently include 19 million bibliographic citation.

Pubmed also provides access to medline , which contains over 5200 biomedical journals.



pubmed screen shot
  • Point to the NCBI pubmed homepage www.pubmed.org
  • Type in the search term in the search box (see shortly below) and click the search button beside it.

pubmed screen shot

  • A short summary of the result for that search query appears.
  • Alternatively you can decide to limit your searches to a particular type of article: Pubmed has an advance search tool that is used filter the search output. Using this tool, one can limit the search to only free articles, review articles, articles published within a particular date, articles with abstract etc.
  • The advance search button can be seen, slightly above the search tool bar. ( move the mouse over the "ADVANCE SEARCH" label in the image above for a preview of the advance search page)
  • You can select link to "free full text" if you want only articles whose full text is available free of charge online. Click Search button below to conduct the filtered search.



  • Below is a screen shot of the result page. ( Mouse over the image to see a more detail presentation of the result page)

pubmed result

  • Shortly before the result is the total number of results for the search term, by the right, under the category " filter your result" is a quick link and summary of the result, here you can filter out the review articles, or the free full texted articles:
  • Below each of the result entry is (or are) links like "related articles", "free articles" etc, if the full article is freely accessible, then you will see 'free article" link below the entry.
  • You can select any of the entry by clicking directly on the title, you can also select multiple articles by ticking on the check box beside each article; (mouse over the image above to see a clearer presentation),
  • The default format of presenting search result entry in pubmed is the summary format, selection of any particular article (s), shows the abstract report.
  • To display the abstract result of multiple selections, click on the "display settings" label slightly below the results, select the abstract option and click apply.
  • This opens up the abstract of the selected articles. (see fig 3 below)
  • Click the logo by the right side of the page to open up the article; this will take you to the journal's website.


pubmed abstract





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