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: Online publication of into the world wide web.
: Francis Umeoguaju September 02, 2010, 06:09:51 PM
Online publication of into the world wide web. (31st Dec, 2009)

( Dec, 2009) was published into the worldwide web on the 31st of dec 2009, Its intended to be an informative and educational resource center for all Nigerian bioscientists; home and abroad.

Some of the features of the site includes an online interactive forum where Nigerian bioscientists can interact with each other on issues of importance to them, solutions can be proffered to common research and academic problems, suggestions and assistance can be obtained from the more experienced Nigerian bioscientists, information and news can be passed across easily and lots more benefit typical of an online community.

Also featured in is information, listings and links to lots of free online bioresources and biotools that is of immense relevance to the study and practice of Biosciences in Nigeria: listed here includes links to biomedical libraries, databases and knowledgebases, online tutorials and courseware, reference resources and lots more also provides a means to enable Nigerian bioscientists to publish their scholarly works and lecture notes in the internet free of charge. At, journal publishers can host the electronic editions of their publication online. also aims at providing authoritative information to news, information and facts of relevance to a Nigerian bioscientist. Information such as the research institutes in Nigeria, Nigerian bioscience related journal publishers, recent news and events in the Nigerian bioscientist community etc.

We also aim at proffering academic assistance to common educational problems such as scientific literature acquisition, statistical analysis of data, graphical presentation of data, Bioinformatic analytic and search works, research works problems .

We welcome all Nigerian Bioscientists Onboard to UFUMES Nigerian Bioscientists. This is our site, its us that can really make it work out. Lets send out words to other Nigeria bioscientists home and in diaspora about

God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerian bioscientists & God bless YOU!

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