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Recent Bioscience news and headlines from Nigeria and around the world

June 2010;


Latest science news, bioscience news, medical news, research news, health News, science discoveries, medical reports etc?


Nigerian Bioscience News

Nigerian Armed Forces DNA Bank and Analysis personnel visit Cybergenetics Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

IUFOST 15th world Congress

The Nigerian Fast Food Industry Worth N190 Billion

Nigeria has released two new improved cowpea varieties to raise production and improve farmers’ incomes

FAO commends IITA on Cassava Value Chain Development project

Inculcating the culture of Laboratory equipment maintenance in Nigeria

Nigerian Defense Headquarters – ITSI - Biosciences representative visit Nigerian Armed Forces DNA Bank (AFDB) in Abuja, Nigeria.



Health & General Science News

Space taxi reaches orbit in first flight test

How religion made Jews genetically distinct

New gecko species identified in West African rain forests

Hints of life found on Saturn moon

Jupiter attacked for second time in a year

Mongooses Pass Traditions on to Their Young, Too

An Extra Driver Behind the Wheel

Biomechanics of Information: Going More Miles Per Gallon With Your Brain

Toshiba invention brings quantum computing closer

Scientists explore whether some apes shake heads for “no”

It seems we’re all more human than average

Hey Jude: Get that song out my head!

Scientists report first cell made with artificial Genes

Baby temperament found to predict adult brain structure

Picturing infertility



Binge drinking rots teen brains

Trying to quit smoking? The devil is in the drink

Eat less, live longer?

Study Finds Adolescent Brains Biologically Wired To Engage In Risky Behavior

Relationships Can Lower Substance Use in Young People

Sun-induced skin cancer: new discovery permits doctors to assess genetic risk

More Choline for Pregnant, Nursing Women Could Reduce Down Syndrome Dysfunction, Guard Against Dementia

Drug Induces a Memory of Safety in Rat Brains

Sleep deprivation can make you gain weight and also increases the risk of having diabetes

Coffee Consumption Unrelated to Alertness: Stimulating Effects May Be Illusion, Study Finds

What Happens When We Get Angry?

Half doses of diabetes drugs can prevent most frequent side effects

Impulsivity-Related Problem Drinking Decreases Greatly for 18 To 25-Year-Olds

Will We Succeed? The Science of Self-Motivation

Flooring Can Affect How Consumers Make Purchase Decisions, Researcher Finds

Superbug's 'CPU' Revealed: Researchers Discover Chemical Clue Directing Staphylococcus Aureus

Scientists breed goats that produce spider silk


World Bioscience News

Spotting renal problems with protein tests

Recognising molecules the natural way

Zinc rivals platinum in the fight against cancer

Illumina Cuts Price for Individual Genome Sequencing Service by More than Half

Scancell and ImmuneRegen to Evaluate Combination of Their Vaccine Technologies

Life Technologies and DKFZ to Set Up Systems Biology Facility in Germany

Targeting the Blood-Brain Barrier May Delay Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

NIH-Funded Study Unveils Potential Genetic Links to Lung Disease Risk

Stem cells turn into seek-and-destroy cancer missiles

Cancer guardian found playing a role in sex

Scientists Capture The Very Moment Blood Flow Begins

Flies offer insight into human metabolic disease

Faulty gene stops cell 'antennae' from transmitting

Acupuncture's molecular effects pinned down

Scientists decipher structure of nature's 'light switch'

Animal study reveals new target for antidepressants

Low-Dose HRT Patch May Lessen Stroke Risk: Study suggests that patches offer better odds than hormone therapy in pill form.

Targeted Radiation for Early Breast Cancer a Good Option

First Paper 'Dipstick' Test for Determining Blood Type

Stroke Prevention Study in Children With Sickle Cell Anemia, Iron Overload Stopped Early

MSU researchers discover potential genetic factor in eating disorders

April 2010

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Popular Headlines

“Artificial leaves” could help power machines of future

Eyes betray numbers in our heads, study says

Repeated anesthesia may affect kids’ learning

Exposure to letters A or F may affect test scores

Darkness promotes dishonesty, researchers find

A little stress may boost the fetal brain

Artificial light at night disrupts cell division

Increased Risk Of Skin Cancer Formation Associated With High Dietary Phosphate Intake

Phenols, phthalates, phytoestrogens may disrupt female development

Lowering Body Temperature Could Aid Standard Stroke Treatment

Empathy and violence have similar circuits in the brain






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