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Listings and information on Bioscientific related research institutes and laboratories in Nigeria
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This page contains a growing and regularly updated listings and information on the available bioscientific related research institutes and bioscience related organisations, laboratories, agencies and institutions in Nigeria - Names and location of places in Nigeria where Plants and crop development researches, Medical and Health related researches, Pharmaceutical and drug related researches, biochemical investigations, Fish researches, animal researches, etc are conducted.

We welcome corrections to the information listed here and suggestions of more Bioscience related institutions in Nigeria.

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This page was last updated October 2011

About this listings!

  • Some of the contact information stated here might have changed. Check the websites of the institution for the most recent information.
  • The emails listed here has their "@" replaced with "[at]", to protect against automated email extractors.
  • More updated information about the activities of the respective institutions can be accessed from their respective websites.
  • We dont claim to have done an accurate, comprehensive and updated listings here, but we are working to keep it as updated as possible within our capabilities, feel free to notify us of more recent information on any of the listings.



ACRI (Arable Crops Research Institutes)

Research Summary

No information Available

Contact Details

No information Available


Research Summary & Institutional mandates.

To advise the Federal Government on national policies and priorities in agricultural research, training and extension activities; Prepare periodic master plans for agricultural research, training and extension and advise the Federal Government on the financial requirement for the implementation of such plans; Ensure the implementation of the approved master plans by the appropriate research institutes, universities and other bodies. Read More? >>

Contact Details

  • Agricultural Research House,
  • Plot 223D, Cadastral Zone B6 Mabushi,
  • P.M.B. 5026, Wuse, Abuja,
  • Nigeria.


Research Summary & Institutional mandate.

NAERLS has 6 programme areas namely: Crop and Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries, Agricultural Engineering and Irrigation, Agricultural Extension and Economics, Food Technology and Rural Home Economics, and Agricultural Media. Read More? >>

The key mandate of the institution are : Planning and coordination of agricultural extension; Promote dissemination of agricultural research results /technologies; Research and develop agricultural extension methodologies; Monitor and evaluate extension delivery services nationally; Monitor agricultural performance and Provide input to policy and feedbacks to research Read More? >>

Contact Details

  • Prof. Sadiq Z. Abubakar (Executive Director)  
  • NAERLS headquarter is located in ABU, Samaru Zaria, Kaduna State and is a member of the Agricultural Complex of the University.
  • The Institute lies between latitude 9o 5’ and 11o 6’ North and longitude 6o30’ East
  • Ahmadu Bello University Samaru, Zaria.


Research Summary

ARMTI does the following functions: Provide management training; Provide consultancy and advisory services; Conduct applied management research, special and diagnostic studies;Disseminate management information; Contribute to policy development which would enhance better management of the agricultural and rural sector in Nigeria.Read More? >>

Contact Details

  • J. A. Onietan ( Director)
  • jaonietan [at] armti.org (Director)
  • 234(0)8033859354 (Director)
  • 234-31-221183
  • Km. 18, Ilorin - Lokoja Highway
  • P. M. B. 1343
  • Ilorin, Kwara State
  • +234-31-221183
  • armti [at] armti.org
  • armti [at] skannet.com


Research Summary

The primary objectives of the Centre are: Develop nuclear techniques necessary for the advancement of nuclear science and technology in the country for peaceful uses; Develop necessary manpower in all aspects of nuclear science and technology and all forms of energy; Carry out basic nuclear physics and engineering studies; Carry out basic materials science studies for energy application .Read More? >>

Learn more about CERD? >>

Contact Details

  • The Secretary
  • P.M.B. 024
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Ile-Ife, Nigeria
  • secretary [at] cerd.gov.ng
  • (234) 36 234036
  • (234)8034072001
  • enquiry [at] cerd.gov.ng

CERT (Center for Energy Research and Training) See Ahmadu bello University website for more information

Research Summary

Involved in the promotion of peaceful application of nuclear science in Nigeria.

The research and training activities of CERT are organized around five units called sections, namely Nuclear Science and Technology (NSTS), Health Physics and Radiation Biophysics (HPRBS), Material Science and Development (MSDS), Engineering and Instrumentation Design (EIDS) and Reactor Engineering Section (RES).

Contact Details

  • Prof II Funtua (Director)
  • cert[at]abu.edu.ng
  • 069550737
  • P.O. Box 1013, ABU Zaria
  • ABU Samaru, Zaria


Research Summary

Researches are focused on cocoa, kola, cashew, coffee and tea.

Also involed in the improvement of the genetic potential, agronomic and husbandry practices,
including processing and storage of the crops; Identification of the ecology and methods of control of pests and diseases affecting the crops; Investigating the effective utilization of the crops and their by-products, and the feasibility of small-scale production of such end-use products, Integration of the cultivation of the mandate crops into farming system where each crop is grown by farmers; Translation of research results and improved technologies into practice among farmers and manufacturers in order to improve production and socio-economic life of the people. Learn More? >>

Contact Detail

  • Prof GO Iremiren
  • 08037195290, 08034009694, 08058813261
  • inquiries[at]crin-ng.org or director[at]crin-ng.org, directorcrin [at]yahoo.com
  • PMB 5244, Ibadan Nigeria
  • Onigambari, Ibadan: Oyo State


Research Summary

The Commission inspects, monitors and coordinates the performance of the energy sectors, to ensure consistency with the National Energy Policy(NEP).It serves as the centre for solving any inter-related technical problems that may arise in the implementation of any policy relating to the field of energy.  Read More? >


Contact Details

  • Prof Abubakar Sani Sambo (DG, ECN)
  • dg[at]energy.gov.ng, officialmail[at]energy.gov.ng, ecn[at]hyperia.com
  •  234-09-5234920
  • Fax: 234-09-5234922/25
  • Plot 701C, Central Business District
  • P. M. B. 358, Garki
  • Abuja, Nigeria


FCFFT (Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology)

Research Summary

To train junior, intermediate and senior fisheries personnel for inland fisheries development through short and long term formal education; To train and retrain middle level manpower in Aquaculture Technology; To encourage women participation in Fisheries through post-harvest technology; To train food technicians, technologists and chemical analysts in carrying out preservation, processing, packaging, storage and marketing of food commodities and equipment. To train Agricultural Extension Technicians to carry out extension work among rural farmers and fisher folks. Organizing Agricultural co-operative and exhibitions, marketing of farm produce, tools, equipment and assisting in Agricultural Management Research. Read More? >>

Contact Details

  • Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology
  • P.M.B. 1060, Maiduguri, Borno State


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Send your suggestions and corrections to admin @ ufumes . com.

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